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Variants of Online Roulette

When you play roulette in a land-based casino, you will almost never have to do variants but if you play in an online casino, then there is the embarrassment of choice that is available to you but if you have read our article on strategies, you must remember that there is only one variant that should be favored is the European roulette simply because it is more advantageous for the player you know, and if you've forgotten already, do not worry, we'll do a reminder in a few moments.

So even if you only have to play one type of roulette, nothing prevents us from presenting you with the other variants because they exist and if you fall on it one day by playing abroad, for example, it is necessary that you know them well. recognize each other.

European Roulette

It is with this one that we write all the articles that we put online, all related to it therefore for the simple and good reason that for the player
French Roulette

As for French roulette, it is identical to European roulette in every way: wheel, carpet, etc. except that in addition, it has a special insert that allows you to make larger bets, which are actually a combination of numbers and that can save you a lot of money but be careful because to bet on these "combos", it will also bet more.

American Roulette

When roulette came to American soil, this game pleased right away and so integrated the casinos immediately but after some time of observation, the casinos thought that it was necessary, for their business, to complicate a little the game and it is for this reason that they have added an extra box in the wheel, the double zero, which necessarily does not improve the results of the players: one more box = less good probabilities, it is logical. Today, in Vegas casinos and everywhere else in the US, you will only find this type of roulette.

Mexican Roulette

And when the roulette hit Mexican soil, the casinos wanted to do the same but compared to American roulette, that means the Mexicans left the American roulette and added a box, the so-called triple zero So, you can imagine that the probabilities are even worse, and apart from Mexico, no one plays this variant, which is perfectly normal and logical.

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