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Top Casino Games

Behind the general term casino games hiding a lot of different types of games. There are the classic table games, such as roulette or baccarat, there are card games such as blackjack and poker, but also modern slot machines or video poker.We would like to introduce the most important at online casino games and give you an overview of the offer. The casino games list has no claim to completeness, but we are simply trying to present the best casino games. We also created our own page for the most important games, because there are a lot of things to say about topics like roulette or slot machines!


For many players, the slot machines or slots are the reason to play roulette casino. Here, the online casinos can play their strengths particularly impressive and modern slots are reminiscent of elaborate computer games and impress with animations, additional sequences and bonus games. At the same time, however, the classic machines such as the online Casino games are still very popular - the range of games here is simply enormous! Slot games are based on luck and thus the games are ideal for a quick round in between.


Blackjack is probably the most popular card game of all casinos. The famous card game is offered in most online casinos in several variants, which connects the famous 21 as an important number. Keep in mind that blackjack is one of the casino games in which the strategy and skill of the player is a deciding factor - just playing for luck can be expensive here. More about the rules, strategies and the famous cards we have put together for you in own articles - beginners should read this necessarily and in any case first try the play lunch tables.


Roulette was played back in the days of the Revolution and until today roulette tables are standard on every casino. Anyone thinking of playing online casino games will probably have just this game in their mind's eye. From our point of view, every player should play at least a couple of roulette games in the casino. Because this game not only has style and class, but it also has some big advantages over other games. So you can not choose your own risk at all casino games. On the other hand, this is already possible with roulette. If you prefer to take a little less risk, just bet on the easy odds we red or black. If you feel like playing bigger profits at the casino, you can bet on your personal favorite number and realize really big profits.


Actually, poker is only half on a casino games list, because in poker long term the skill share outweighs so much that in most countries it is not considered to be a game of chance. Nevertheless, poker is offered in casinos and thus belongs to the casino games. In no other game is it so much the free casino games to use opportunities, because who put a lot of practice into it, will achieve more success from the beginning.

Video Poker

At first glance, poker jogos online looks the same as the slot games, but those who compare the games more closely will notice astonishing differences. Because in video poker, it is extremely important to pursue a good strategy and cool head to play online casino, since here the luck portion is relatively small and for the own skill plays a much larger role. There are many variants of video poker, the most famous is probably poker. They are all based on the poker variant 5-card draw, where you get five cards and can exchange them once: after a fixed key (as in the winning combinations at the slots) is paid out. Each variant has its own advantages and disadvantages and each variant has its own strategies to maximize the chances of winning.

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