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Progressive Online Jackpots

The jackpot is one of the most attractive "hooks" of an online casino. It is a large amount of money that increases continuously and can be won by any player. Although the chances of winning the jackpot depend on the size of the jackpot and are very rare, hundreds of thousands of players risk their money every day in online casinos to try to get it


The progressive or accumulated jackpot is linked directly to the slot machines and is, in fact, the jackpot that can be won by playing the slots. It can be any machine, from the classic lever slot machine (the "one-armed bandit", as it is originally known) to video poker: the important thing is that they are linked to each other and are part of the same network. With each bet made by a user of an online casino in each of the slots, which are linked together in the network, the size of the pot increases. And, since dozens of slot machines can be found in the same network, the accumulated jackpot is literally growing every minute and can sometimes reach astronomical figures. So, for example, in online casinos that use Microgaming software, the size of the accumulated jackpot exceeds the record figure of five million dollars. However, the odds of winning this pot are miserable, and are a possibility of 49,836,032.As a rule, the online casino retains a portion of each player's bet to raise the accumulated pot. The part that is retained from each bet can reach 10% of what was spent by the player in the slots. The jackpot grows continuously, which can be seen live on each of the slot machines linked in the network.


The chances of taking the jackpot in the slot machines of an online casino are extremely small and depend on the size of the slot: the higher it is, the less likely the player has to take it. The necessary condition that must be given to win the accumulated pot is that the highest combination comes out. So, for example, if you are playing traditional five-reel slot machines with accumulated jackpot, in order to achieve this, it is necessary that each of the five reels come out with a prize symbol, of which there is usually only one unit in each drum. In video poker, in order to win the accumulated pot it is necessary to be in possession of the ace-colored ladder, which is the highest poker hand.To have the chance to win the jackpot, it is not enough for the player to bet the minimum on a slot machine. The hunters of the accumulated boats have to spend a lot continuously and play betting the most. According to the rules of the online casinos, only the players who bet the maximum amount of coins have the right to take the pot (normally there are five, and in some machines, six).

If you have been serious about taking the jackpot in an online casino, the first thing you have to do is choose the slot machine that has the smallest jackpot . there is to win it). Secondly, keep in mind the fact that, oddly enough, it is easier to get the jackpot accumulated in video poker.What is the advantage of video poker for those who hope to win the pot? In video poker you can choose the best game strategy and, consequently, calculate the odds of victory. In normal slot machines this can not be done, since you can not know what the percentage chance of victory is. To be able to calculate even if it is approximately the probability of victory of the pot in an online casino playing the slots, it is necessary to know exactly the number of symbols that are in each drum, and in passing the number of drums that are in the machine.

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